Tyre Puncture Repair Southport

At Steves Tyres in Southport, we can repair punctures in tyres same day.

The majority of punctures are repairable, as long as the foreign object has pierced the central three-quarters of the tyre, is fully extractable (i.e. nail, screw, tac) and has not been driven on flat or under-inflated. If your tyre is unrepairable, it will be because of one of the following:

  • The tyre’s side-wall has been punctured – we use rubber patches to seal the hole which require a flat surface. If a patch is placed on over the curve of the tyre, each time the wheel rotates it will flex the patch, leading to possible failure.
  • An object that is not fully extractable or has caused excessive damage. For instance, if you have driven over broken glass, the likelihood is that the glass will shatter on removal. If we cannot be sure that all the glass is removed, it could cause further damage to your tyre, or to the repair. If an item such as a Stanley Knife blade has entered the tyre, it can tear the metal cords that give strength to the tyre, compromising the safety and therefore cannot be repaired.
  • The tyre has been driven on flat or under-inflated. When a tyre has lost pressure it inevitably loses rigidity, when you then drive on the softer tyre it creates added pressure. It doesn’t take long before your tyre has been damaged on the inner side through this process and becomes unrepairable.

You can also lose pressure through having a faulty tyre valve, like tyres, valves are made of rubber and deteriorate over time. This is cheap, and simple to replace.

Another common issue, is corrosion or rust on the inner lip of the wheel where the tyre seats. All wheels will corrode eventually, as they do the tyre gets pushed away from the wheel and slowly leaks air, when the wheels begin giving problems they can lose pressure every couple of days, weeks or even months depending on the severity of each wheel. We can treat this by removing the corrosion/rust and applying a think sealant which not only helps to clog any pits in the wheel but also helps to treat the wheel slowing down the rate at which the metal is corroding. However, this is a short term solution which could last weeks or months.

The only long term fix is to get our wheels refurbished or to get new wheels. At Steve’s we are able to recommend the best type of action for you. If you prefer to refurbish your wheels, we use a company called Pristine that we have used for many years. If you would prefer to purchase new wheels, we can arrange this also. All you need to do is bring your car into the garage so we can gather the correct measurements and then one of the team will give you the best options that are available through our suppliers.

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