• Ministry of Transport Vehicle Check

    From £39.95

    We can organise an MOT inspection for your car and make sure your car is road legal and is not dangerous to cause harm on the road. MOT’s from £39.95

  • Collect and Deliver

    If you are unable to bring your car to us, we can collect your car, have an MOT test carried out and providing it passes, we can deliver the car back to you.


  • All Car Makes Servicing


    We can service any car from any manufacturer including BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Ford and Vauxhall to name a few!

    Our trained mechanics have years of experience and can carry out most servicing check points for your vehicle.

  • Oil and Filter Service


    Your car needs to have an oil and filter replacement carried out on a regular basis, our mechanics are fully trained and can service your vehicle within the same day.

  • Brakes


    Checking your brake pads and braking equipment is an essential service which needs to be carried out on a regular basis. Our team will happily check brake fluid levels and brake pads for wear to make sure your vehicle is safe.

  • 4 Wheel Laser Alignment

    We are one of the only garages in Southport who can carry out four wheel alignment (laser tracking) services on vehicles.

    We will check your car for FREE and if it needs any alignments it is charged at £15 per adjustment.

  • Cambelts, Clutches, Gearboxes

    We also carry out a full range of car mechanics, including clutches, gearboxes, cambelts and welding.

    We’re not just here for tyres and exhausts!

    Give us a call to see what else we can do for you.


  • Tyre Replacement


    Tyres are our speciality! 

    We stock a huge range of tyres and can also order in tyres same day. We can replace, repair and re-fit tyres within the same day.

  • Tyre Makes

    We stock a range of tyres on site but can order any make or size in to accommodate your budget or need.

    Our leading manufacturers range from:

    Vredestein, Yokohama, Continental and Kumho


  • Exhausts

    We’ve been replacing and fitting exhausts for many years, we offer advice and recommendations for those wanting to improve performance or simply to replace an old system, our extensive knowledge on exhausts is second to none in Southport.

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